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Points Standings/ Race Schedule

Points,Overall/By class

1. The Brick                 33
2. Kimi Platekonen      30
3. Jensen Brickton       30
4. Lewis Hamilbrick    28
5. Sebricktian Vettel    25
6. Studo Massa            22
7. James de la Coche   12  GT=43
8. Sera Conduit            12  GT=43
9. Velery Vitesse         6    GT=30
10. Brick Trickle          2   GT=22
11. Brock Brick            1   GT=20
12. Lake Stud                1   GT=12

13. Jimbo Brickford         GP=25
14. Dan Speed                  GP=18
15. Slim Picker                 GP=15
16. Bob the Prince-DNF  GP=12
17. Cowboy-DNF            GP=10
18. Crazy Phil-DNF         GP=8


Drivers List.
1. Jensen Brickton, McLaren F1
2. James de la Coche, Porsche,   __#75910, GT (Federation)
3. Valery Vitesse, #75909, GT (TLR)
4. Sera Conduit, #75899, GT (TLR)
5. Sebricktian Vettel, Ferrari F1
6. Kimi Platekonen #8168-1 F1
7. Studo Massa #8168-1 F1
8. Lewis Hamilbrick, MOC F1
9. Lake Stud, MOC, GT
10. Brock Brick, #75908, GT
11. #60053, Brick Trickle, GT
12. #60025, Mario Platetti, Indy GP
13. Dan Speed, #1 Indy GP
14. Jimbo Brickford #5 Indy GP
15. Slim Picker #1A Indy GP
16. Bob the Prince #2 Indy GP
17. Cowboy #3 Indy GP
18. Crazy Phil #5A Indy GP
19. "The Brick", MOC, F1

April 5th,Race 1. Williams City Road Course

May 3rd, Race 2. Brockton Grand Prix

Race 3. Springfield Rally

Race 4. Broca Beach Oval

Race 5. Targa PBR


Brockton Grand Prix

The second race of the season was held this past weekend in the small, but growing city, of Brockton. The racing was not as heated amongst competitors this race as the only incident on track was the car of Lake Stud, a home built MOC, losing control in race leader Vettel. The incident took Vettel out of first and gave him a solid DNF for the day. Vettel was unavailable for comment after the race, immediately walking to his hauler in disgust. Bricks were thrown all over his pit area as his crew chief explained.."Stupid MOC cars getting in the way of proper sets."

Speaking of MOC cars, "The Brick" rebounded from a pitiful start to the season to grab the overall win of the weekend. His home built MOC, owned by billionare PBR owner Chancellor Brik, demolished the field with "The Brick" winning by 20 studs over second place finisher Lewis Hamilbrick. This race win put "The Brick into first place, 3 points ahead of Brickton and Platekonen who are tied for second in overall points.

In GT the bumping and grinding of bricks never occured this week as James de la Couche and Sera Conduit were seen shaking hands before the race started. Both drivers seem to have put last races incident behind them and it showed on the track as "El Speed" de la Couche took the GT win. With Vettel crashing both drivers gained some well needed overall points on the F1 cars. After the race James spook with figs.

"We ran clean, fresh air and no bricks or plates blocking our path. The Brockton road course was well suited to my style of driving and I was able to easily keep pace with the slowest F1 car. If we could return here next month I suspect we might even beat them."

James was referring to the close corner battle of such tight and short corners. The F1 cars just couldn't hit top speed on such a small course.

The GP cars had this weekend off as Bernie Bricklestone works with them for a proper racing weekend.

Racing in PBR!

The Inaugural Williams City 100 was raced Sunday and the figs of PBR were lined up Saturday evening to get front row seats for what was a exciting race. Sebricktian Vettel in the F1 Ferrari took the overall win of the race and won the F1 class. James de la Coche  and Sera Conduit fought it out to the last lap with the Conduit edging past the Federation car with a last corner dive bomb pass to take the win in GT. In Indy ,a late signup new comer Jimbo Brickford bounced off the field of Indy drivers and skated across the line with bricks everywhere to take the win in the Indy class.

The race was exciting right from the start as action in the first corner had “The Brick” needing to make a early pit stop as one of the Ferrari’s of old cut in front of him and tore the nose piece off. Brick was not pleased at the end of the race, coming in last in F1 puts him in the hole early in the season. “The Brick" never spoke to the media, nor took his helmet off as he headed to the hauler. His crew chief though did have something to say.  “I can’t believe that fig, the race isn’t won on the first lap and he cut our nose right off to gain that spot.” The nose cut off also gobbled up two Indy drivers who ran over the large chunk in the track. “The really should look into running the Indy cars in their own race. Those big tire cars, one brick falls off and if we hit it our cars are junk.”

The Brick getting his nose removed

Eventual race winner Sebricktian Vettel

Over in GT the post race interviews were hot and heavy as James de la Coche didn’t hold back. “Sera used my rear bumper as their brakes, the dive bomb slid me out and they stole first. I ran a methodical race and earned my front running spot, to be moved over in the last corner, I won’t forget that.” Sera Conduit had a different opinion on the last corner. “James slowed down, I had good momentum and the line, he just used up his tires and was going into that last corner slower than usual. We may have touched, I can’t tell, the video will let you know. My bricks are all still in place, clicked together, so even if I did touch him it couldn’t be that bad.” The young driver leads the points in GT now with James de la Coche in second and Valery Vitese in third.

Sera Conduit last corner pass on James de la Coche for the GT win

Over in Indy, Jimbo Brickford was just happy to just finish the race even though he took first in his class. “Crazy, just crazy, these little Indy cars with the big tire cars on the track, we were like speed bumps to them. There isn’t a brick on my car that is tight right now. I didn’t win the race, I survived.”

Brickford, happy to win and survive the race

Bernie Bricklestone was quick to explain and apologize to the Indy drivers. “We really didn’t expect such a speed difference, the Indy cars are slower but much lighter so we thought the drivers would be fine and keep the same pace. We didn’t expect the lack of proper sight lines to hinder things. The big GT cars can kind of push their way past the Indy cars. At the next event, we will run two separate races, this should help ease the concerns of the Indy drivers and give the fans even more racing for the same bricks. The only time they will run together is the final race of the year, the Targa Rally event. We can stage them last and the course will be clear of the big tire cars.”

Regardless of the controversy, fans were extremely pleased with the overall experience of Targa racing. “I can’t wait for the next race, I really had a great time. The not only had racing but carnival rides and celebrities to talk to.” One young fig explained. It looks as though Mr. Bricklestone has hit gold bricks in PBR. Government officials are ready to pour more funding into tracks and areas for racing as they see a potential increase in a already flourishing tourist season. Beaches, fishing, racing, and good drinks? PBR is the place to be it seems.

GT cars running strong



April 5th starts the season.

Track preparation is complete and all legal and security measures are in place for the inaugural Williams City 100. This now road course event takes place in downtown Williams City, the capital of PBR. Tickets are on sale now and early sales show a quick grab for infield seating. Figs from around the nation are ready to see bricks bang off bricks as the best drivers battle for the trophy in their class. The Lego Republic announced it has two drivers ready to join the racing family as Valery Vitesse and Sera Conduit are ready to try and win the GT class.

Early testing has shown the F1 cars are dominating the speed charts and all of them have set a faster pace than the closest GT car. At this point the Ferrari team of Vettel looks to be the front runner and "The Brick" being the slowest car in the F1 field. This cannot please Mr. Brik at all. It shows wealth has no bearing on winning in Targa PBR.

Speed Champion Cars arrive in PBR. Drivers list posted. Race dates set for early April.

The speed champion line of cars from have arrived in PBR and instantly drivers from around the Lego world snatched up available seats. The Federation of Legopolis has sent James de la Coche, better known as "Senor Speed", to the PBR as he chases for the GT championship. The Lego Republic has agreed to send two drivers to compete in GT but those names have not been released as the nation goes through time trials to find the best of the best. In PBR Chancellor Brik announced his purchase of a slot in the F1 catagory. Many expected Brik to swoop in and snag up the newest Ferrari ride but it looks as though the Chancellor wants to build a car from scratch. His F1 MOC is sure to compete but can it keep up with the faster, cleaner and pro designed MOC's from Lego?

Our drives list is shaping up as many drivers begin to grab cars. The only series that hasn't seen drivers is the Indy cars. Many open seats available!

Targa Racing hopes to set April 5th as the first race in Williams City. The oval course has had some adjustments made and it may become a proper road course.

Targa Rally becomes Targa Racing

In a move to bring more fans to the fold Bernie Bricklestone announced that not only would Targa be a rally group but they will have oval and road course racing included in the series.

"We plan to have a points system in place to combine the three, rally, oval and road course. The cars can handle it, the driver can handle it. We will see if the fans can handle the excitement!"

Action has already begun as testing is taking place on the streets of Williams City as drivers await the completion of the yet to be named oval track right next door to the city.


Targa Racing

Coming soon, Targa PBR, the premiere rally race in the Lego world. Drivers from PBR, Empire of Legoland, Legopolis, Lego Republic all will compete to see who is the fastest driver in their class.

Drivers will see all of the three large islands of PBR, pushing their MOC's to the breaking point as they travel on city streets, country roads and through some of the iconic areas of PBR. Each driver will need to spend time learning the course or have a co-driver assisting them.

Director of operations is Bernie Bricklestone. Bernie comes from a long line of racers and operates offices in Williams City on the main island of PBR.