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Octan Group

Octan first appeared in two LEGO System sets from 1992, a gas station (6397 Gas N' Wash Express) and a tanker truck (6594 Gas Transit). In the following year the Octan logo appeared also in racing themed sets and on a rail tanker. 1994 brought the first appearances of Octan outside of System, in a DUPLO set, 2621 Motocross Racer, and an alternative model of the TECHNIC set 8880 Super Car. Both were racing vehicles sponsored by Octan.

Since its introduction, Octan regularly reappeared as the only gasoline brand seen in LEGO releases, except some Shell promotional sets from 1999.

Octan remains the primary sponsor for the Moose Jaw Octan Oilers of the LEGO Major Junior Hockey League.

In 2009, the name Octan Energy appeared on the wind turbine found in 7747 Wind Turbine Transport which reveals that the company has expanded from petrochemical fuels into renewable energy.

In 2012, LEGO released a new Octan tanker set where the "Energy" part of the logo was even bigger than the main Octan symbol itself, suggesting that the company might be trying to 'go green'.

The LEGO Movie features Lord Business as the company president of the Octan Corporation.

Extensive Enterprise

Commerce and Finance company headed by brothers Tomax and Xamot. Headquartered in Williams City on mainland PBR the company has backed many growing industries since its relocation to PBR.


Shipping and packaging company located in Sierra Gordo. The company makes sure all packages are delivered on time and below budget. They also handle exports from PBR to all the Lego nations.

BlackBrik Security

Providing security for the rich and famous of PBR and other nations since 2007. The company is owned by Supreme Chancellor Brik and also provides personal security for the Chancellor. Their headquarters in Williams City allows them to be able to secure or travel on a moments notice for any fig, anywhere.